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AP Diving Buddy Reel

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The AP Valves 45m Ratcheted Pocket Reel uses High-vis Dyneema floating line and measures just 8cm in diameter, making it an ideal size for easy stowing when not in use.

The Dyneema line is twice as strong as Kevlar and stronger than steel and the enclosed design of the reel prevents tangles which are more common when using an open reel. The mechanism has been developed to emit a loud audible click when winding in the line to aid the diver judge ascent speed as well as letting your buddy know that you are winding in.

Don't need the ratchet mode? The reel can also be switched to free running at the press of a switch.

  • Measures just 8cm in diameter
  • 45m of high-visibility Dyneema line
  • Enclosed reel design
  • Loud audible Ratchet-click
  • Simple on/off thumb mechanism to switch between ratchet and free-running modes.
  • The line is positively buoyant
  • Supplied with wrist loop
  • Simple thumb operated switch to free-running mode to deploy the buoy
  • Dimensions: 8cm diameter x 4.5cm deep
  • Weight: 200g