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TUSA Twin Pressure and Depth Gauge SCA-230T

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A compact and lightweight 2 gauge console, the SCA-230T provides all the dive information you need, in a mini size. This model features an analog 400 bar pressure gauge, 70m depth gauge and is engineered and manufactured to TUSA's rigid quality and performance standards. The SCA-230T is an ideal supplement for divers using a wrist-type dive computer like the IQ-700 and IQ-800.


  • Mini size, lightweight and reliable design.
  • Mini 2-gauge console includes a depth gauge and a high-pressure gauge.
  • Luminescent dial is easy to read in dark or low visibility.
  • Colourful dial for easy-reading.
  • 400 bar pressure gauge and 70m depth gauge.
  • Handy, stream lined for low drag.
  • Colours: Black.